I gave my everything..i studied solved q bank 2 times...revised 5-6 times

I gave my everything…i studied solved q bank 2 times…revised 5-6 times …gave gt from marrow and bhatia…my friends got good…i scored 396…n my rank is 37.5 k…cant think of anything…what does the future hold of me…i m done…it was my best attempt…kya karoo ab …ny help

How much was your gt score ?what was the improvement trend?

I scored 140-150 correct in all gts…

it’s all about silly mistakes. Nothing else coz if uu study que bank revise multiple times dan no one can sstop u to score gud marks ithink

My marrow neet mock correct were 138…but idhar dekho just 397 marks… totally devastated

like for cholera toxin Q every one knw either gm1 or gm2 as answer making 50-50 chance

Many such Q were there to rule half the competition

Dont be hopeless. Try again . All the best. CMS exam ahead so focus on it. How everything will be good

If u r comfortable with pathology then u can get till last round… otherwise NBE diploma u will get .

Dont loose hope… I got 32 k last yr and now 12k… Same situation with me last yr… Better start from now…

If this was ur best attempt

Then u should take wtever subject u get

Go for allotment give those subjects as option which u like atleast 40-50 percent

And wait for the result

With ur rank u may get diploma

Don’t consider any degree Inferior

People may tell u don’t go for diploma and all

Nothing like that

In the end wt u need is a degree

After diploma u can go for sec DNB

Atleast u will hav a clear idea about ur life for nxt two yrs

So wait for the counselling