I gave my everything..i studied solved q bank 2 times

I gave my everything…i studied solved q bank 2 times…revised 5-6 times …gave gt from marrow and bhatia…my friends got good…i scored 396…n my rank is 37.5 k…cant think of anything…what does the future hold of me…i m done…it was my best attempt…kya karoo ab …ny help

How much was your gt score ?what was the improvement trend?

I scored 140-150 correct in all gts…

it’s all about silly mistakes. Nothing else coz if uu study que bank revise multiple times dan no one can sstop u to score gud marks ithink

same things happened to me last year. I was consistent in GTs with 3k rank, but in 2020 neet u was pushed back to 19k rank due to 15 silly mistakes in exams. I had revised 12 times before exam but still. Then I appeared again in 22 NEET and got 5k rank with just 1 revision. So I will suggest you not to give up. Don’t compromise on ur branch n clg. No one will ask number of attempts.

that only. Neet 2021 I got 19k rank… By mistake i typed 2020. In 2020 I got 36k rank.

My marrow neet mock correct were 138…but idhar dekho just 397 marks… totally devastated

like for cholera toxin Q every one knw either gm1 or gm2 as answer making 50-50 chance
Many such Q were there to rule half the competition

Same here man …
Luck is the big factor too

Dont be hopeless. Try again . All the best. CMS exam ahead so focus on it. Now everything will be good

HOD surgery Dr RML hospital was from CMS. They didn’t face private practice so called coolie work. Private practice is almost malpractice. I did all these work so having experience of all

If u r comfortable with pathology then u can get till last round… otherwise NBE diploma u will get .

Depends on ur category , if UR or OBC then no ,( thin chance if ews)

U may get eye, ENT , anesthesia in nbe diploma

I have no idea Abt this , but probably yes else what would be the use of 2 yr course…in small town even MO s are also conducting lscs.

If this was ur best attempt

Then u should take wtever subject u get

Go for allotment give those subjects as option which u like atleast 40-50 percent

And wait for the result

With ur rank u may get diploma

Don’t consider any degree Inferior

People may tell u don’t go for diploma and all

Nothing like that

In the end wt u need is a degree

After diploma u can go for sec DNB

Atleast u will hav a clear idea about ur life for nxt two yrs

So wait for the counselling

Dgo is what and at 1lakh rank air in obc category can I do it?pls help