I got ACL reconstruction a year ago January 8th

I got ACL reconstruction a year ago January 8th. I’ve been doing so good, back to deadlifting the weight I was before injury and hitting new PR’s with hip thrusting and RDLs and lots of others. Anywho, last night while I was trying to get comfy in bed I moved my knee (the one I got surgery on) just at a super weird angel and it popped really loud and didn’t feel great. Today, it’s super sore and has a bruise right next to My scar all of the sudden. I can walk but it’s not super comfy. Any body else have this happen? I was thinking it was just scar tissue at first but now I’m a little worried because of how it feels. Any insight appreciated

I would get it checked out. Does it feel unstable?

not necessarily unstable yet, that I’ve noticed. Just is pretty uncomfortable walking/ standing.

I suspect it’s scar tissue breaking up (it’s happened to me in bed too) but if it doesn’t get better definitely see your surgeon