I got an email for photo correction

I got an email for photo correction. What if i upload it and again it doesn’t meet the required criteria and is rejected , will i be debarred from giving exam ?

Don’t worry. No one is debarred. Sab accept ho jaengi ab.

i accidentally summit window without uploading image… further attempt edit window not open… what can I do?

Yeah sameee. and photo toh photo hai . Fir se thodi we’ll get a new one. Jo hai wahi upload karenge na usme kya hi change they are expecting?

are live photo upload ki hogi na

Usme kuch dikkat hogi

Like brightness ya specification or dimension.

Just upload it once again

It will be accepted

No they have asked for passport size picture in my case. Not the live one

Just Be sure with Size pixel and resolution… That’s it

I also got it for the passport one. I guess we have to submit a different pic now

Are nahi nahi

Tension na lo

Dobara update krdo

Is edit window open? I couldn’t find the option to edit my thumb impression. Can anybody help me out?

if it logged in from mobile, then it is not visible. Check on laptop

if u are not finding option to change that means they have accepted your previous one

It happened with my wife few years back… she had to upload 3 times her finger prints!! They rejected each time…

She is AIIMS Raipur now!! Persuing her MD !!!

So don’t you worry at all!!

In my case captured photo is incorrect. Even if I update it how do i know that it will be accepted ?