I got an underwhelming score in my Step 1

Hi guys!! I got an underwhelming score in my Step 1… 235… I have started studying for CK. Continuing on the research front well; 3 articles submitted in pubmed indexed journals… more to come… planning on applying next year for residency!!!

My average in my Step 1 NBME’s was 250 minimum… In form 22 I had scored 263 and yet I managed to screw up my main exam!!! If you could give some exam cracking strategies, it would mean the world to me!!! I’m in this rut of scoring average since a long time… It’s high time that it changes!!

Akshay Anikhindi
same thing happened with me too and many others. The best thing I did was not waiting for the result to start ck preparation and after the result came, I didn’t let it deter me and continued my ck preparation. Took ck after 4 months; got result yesterday. Alhamdulillah happy with 246. Keep going; move on. Your knowledge of step 1 will help you greatly in ck too. It never goes in vain. Good luck for your journey.

It’s better to start focusing on your step 2 preparations. What’s done is done. Take a break between your step 2 prep and step 1 exam because burn out is a real thing. And as for main exam day, just the pressure of giving exam is enough to screw your concentration.
If you start your step 2 prep with that same attitude, by the time you give your main exam, it’ll become much more easy, like a normal test that you do day to day.