I got discriminated due to my knee brace


I applied to job and went then got call back two days later asking if i could work the following day. i was so happy because it’s been hard to get a job due to injury. I spent my last bucks on buying a shirt and pants. I show up and the owner asked what happened to me and I explained my injury. She looks at her husband then exchange some korean words. They asked when things (my knee) would be fixed. They then proceed to tell me that my KNEE BRACE would make customers feel uncomfortable and that they would have to keep an eye on me at all times. I told them I’ve done heavier jobs compared to being a waitress and have a doctors note on what are my restrictions. They said they didn’t need to see it and ONCE AGAIN repeat that my KNEE BRACE would make customers feel uncomfortable. I excused myself and start crying outside and continued to cry all night long.

I’ve had a torn ACL, PCL, and medial meniscus since August 2018 and I’ve been wearing a CTI brace since January 2019.