I got my first NHS assignment at Glasgow

Hi, I am a plastic surgeon from New Delhi. I got my first NHS assignment at Glasgow , a locum post till February.
Since my post would run at the moment till February 2021 only, and realistically speaking I would need atleast 1 month probably more to actually do the process and come to UK, followed by the quarantine and stuff and finally when I start my job it could easily be January. If my post is extended, well and good but if at all my post ends in February, which is the case at the moment, is it really advisable to obtain a tier 2 visa, international transit, relocation etc for practically a month only.
Also, my wife has been offered a registrar post in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Stoke-on-Trent till August. How feasible is it for us to work at two far- off places in our first job ?
I would really appreciate some help and guidance in this matter.