I got my GMC registration more than 5 months ago

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Advice needed

Not a single interview

I got my GMC registration more than 5 months ago
I applied for almost 500 jobs on NHS and another 12 on Scotland site
And so far I got 127 rejections and not a single invite for interview
My experience:
I had a 12 month foundation year
1.5 year as a general practitioner in a rural gp clinic
5 months as a radiology resident
3 months of emergency locum shifts
I have 6 months gap during which I was studying and sitting plab 2 exam, waiting for results and gmc registration and I was hoping to get a job fast without getting back to my old job , this gap ended 2.5 months ago and I’m currently working in both radiology and emergency
I took ALS and I had a publication in a peer reviewed journal under my name
I’m applying for all junior grade jobs ( fy2- sho- jcf-st1-ct1)
I contacted an agency, they said they would get back to me but never did and when I asked they said as soon as there are opportunities we will tell you which probably means there hasn’t been any
I had my C.V and supporting info revised by several doctors and they say it’s okay
My friends who have almost exact experience and other people who even don’t have experience got interviews but I can’t seem to get a single one
My question is what should I do ?
How to get an interview?