I had a complete acl tear on my left knee 2.5 years ago

I had a complete acl tear on my left knee 2.5 years ago . I tried not to have surgery and have been pretty regular and good at my workouts .

Buckling out still happens once in a while and is worse . I have decided to go with surgery and scheduled it on June 20th

Really scared .

Please suggest any massager or necessary that will help me .

Also I really would want to get Back to a good workout routine hopefully soon .

  1. What’s a realistic goal or wait to expect to be bask at normal gym routines ?

  2. Will prehab help a lot to recover ?

I’m trying my best to keep my legs strong and getting ready to take the hit .

Appreciate your support and responses

Prehab helps massively …

It’s different for everyone and hence you should get assessed by a physio and get to a plan !!!

Sometimes, overdoing it might be counter productive … So, take it easy on yourself …

I’m 3 years post surgery still not at 100% with Bulking but otherwise, I’m playing competitive sports !!!

Swimming helps a lot !!! Have a look at Hydrotherapy!!!

When were you able to get back to normal exercises or anythinn as such ? How did you keep up with staying fit ?


Definitely do prehab!