I had explained in context with CDH

I had explained in context with CDH … Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (In Newborn section - Respiratory disorders starting from 47:54)


Normally in the intrauterine life, the fetal lung epithelium secretes fluid which exerts a set pressure in the air spaces allowing them to expand and grow. However, a part of this fluid fluid is also released into the amniotic space.

By doing fetal tracheal occlusion, we are preventing the releaseof fluid into amniotic space and thereby promoting even more lung expansion.

This extra lung expansion is beneficial in CDH as there is lung hypoplasia due to compression by intestines.

It is hypothesized that fetal tracheal ligation forces viscera to reenter the abdominal cavity and allows the fetal lung to grow.

For Query No 2, enterohepatic circulation is related to UNconjugated bilirubin