I had my ACL reconstruction surgery

Hi everyone. I had my ACL reconstruction surgery (hamstring) on the 28th of July so I’m nearly at 4 weeks post-op. I think I’ve recovered my flexibility quite quickly, the swelling is minimal, but there’s a lot of muscle wastage in my quad and operated leg in general. I saw my physio 4 days post-op and then a week later, but was then told I didnt need to see them for a month. I’m a bit lost as to what to do in terms of exercises to really get my knee back to normal. I do a lot of sport and box competitively so I’m stuck between wanting to get active again but having no idea where I’m at physically. My job also relies on me to run and lift, so having a better idea of when I can return is also a concern of mine at the moment. I feel like I’m healing fast but don’t know how to get optimum functionality back. I have no workout plan to follow. The last thing my phsio told me was to continue stretches, implementing the towel pulls, maybe try some squats. But I feel like I’m ahead of that stage now? Some advice would be appreciated, thank you and hope your recovery is going smoothly :pray: :slight_smile:

Edit: Essentially I feel like my exercises are too easy, its another two weeks before I see my physio again I believe, I feel like I need to work my knee and mainly hamstrings better.