I had my surgery June 12th, ACL reconstruction with hamstring

Hey ACL Fam! I had a post about being great discomfort after starting physical therapy a couple of days ago, and I wanted to share my story in case I can help someone else.

I had my surgery June 12th, ACL reconstruction with hamstring, partial meniscus removal . I saw my doctor 12 days after my surgery, he told me how great I was doing and I felt confident about recovery.

I started physical therapy last Monday and things went down hill after that. Every day the pain got worse, and by last Thursday I called my doctor begging to take an anti-inflammatory hoping it would help with the pain. I was told this was all normal.

Friday I returned back to my desk job, but worked from home. I put in my 8 hours with my leg propped up and it was nothing short of awful, even after 2 hours of physical therapy that morning which I thought would have loosened things up. Again, I attributed this all to over working myself in physical therapy.

Saturday morning I woke up in tears. I stretched the entire day, some moments got better- but night time was awful. Sunday I woke up screaming. There was no amount of stretching or massages that made anything better, only the small amount tramadol and large amount of Tylenol I was taking. I had a very mild grade fever only I could tell exhausted, the thermometer stated I was around 98 but I felt hot all over my face and my mouth was on fire. I kept knocking it down with Tylenol and attributed this all to over working during therapy.

Come Monday I woke up, called off work in tears again and called my doctor. I told him about the pain, and he figured I was just over working myself. My knee looked swollen, but it was not hot to the touch or red. I never had any puss or drainage from my sutures. He figured he would get some fluid out to give me relief. Once he got it out he then had me get blood work and told me to not eat or drink for the rest of the day and mentally prepared myself for the worst case scenario of infection. In his 25 year career he only had this happen 1 time.

4 hours later I got a call confirming I had an infection and to come in immediately for surgery to flush out. I’ve been in the hospital for 3 days now, and tomorrow will be the 4th. Please, please listen to your body. You need to be your own advocate and if something does not seem right, you need to still check. Nothing pointed exactly to infection, but thank goodness I went anyways. Trust yourself, and if things continue to get worse and not better ask questions. Being strong is being vulnerable and true to yourself all at the same time. We are precious and our health is #1. :heart: happy healing my friends!