I have a confirmed complete ACL tear

I have a confirmed complete ACL tear, mid-body. It happened October 16th of this year. Meniscus is intact, major MCL sprain, major soft tissue damage, major bone bruising and confirmed dislocation, relocated on its own. Lots of swelling and joint bleeding and loose bodies within my joint. I haven’t even had a consult with my surgeon yet, all this confirmation was done via MRI through a sports injury doctor who has referred me. He did suggest I might want to get a brace, as it could be a year before I get my ACL reconstruction. I agree I do need to try a brace. I have alot of instability in the knee. I don’t have alot of ROM. I am weight bearing, but not fully and around the house, I go without my crutches. There have been plenty of times it has felt like my knee was going to fall through itself, if that makes any sense! I am doing rehab/prehab. I am wondering what kind of brace I should be looking at. My specialist will give me a prescription, he and my PT have reccomended a few places here to get fitted. I have thick thighs, so sliding is probably going to be an issue no matter what. What kind of braces and experiences do any of you have prior to surgery? I am almost 3 months into this injury with no surgeon consult appointment yet, and it could be a year before surgery, I need to get back to even an alternative normal for the time being.