I have a very delicate issue to tell you

To WHOM it may Concern

hello! I am a medical student .

I have a very delicate issue to tell you. many people don’t know about the ongoing struggles of paramedic students (HA, LAB TECH, PCL nursing) and other diploma students. these students have to do equivalent courses in terms to get eligibility for applying for other fields like MBBS, BDS, B-TECH, and many more. There examination are supposed to be right after the completion of their 3 months of equivalent course, but due to this pandemic their courses has been delayed this year, after multiple attempts by the students to get them online classes, they now came to an end of their courses. There principal promised them to get their examination and results done after magh 1st week 2077. Now the principal and all the lecturers of the institution are completely being ignorant of the fact that there examination should be started by now. They are completely neglecting the harsh impact that can occur in the lives of the students if they have to loss another year for nothing.

Students have made several attempts from their side by giving letter to both the institute and NEB office. But no positive response shown from both of them.

It’s dreadful to even admit that they didn’t even have time to do what they are supposed to do.

They are being ignorant of their own job

So many students are frustrated, hopeless, and crying out because literally no one is listening to them. And when they tried to make multiple attempts to get their message to the institute instead of getting these students positive soundful message they give gesture, threatening the students that there marks will be deducted or even fail a few if any other attempts made.

This is heartbreaking that the height of carelessness exceeds the tolerance.