I have been allotted a seat in allind r1

i have a doubt. Kindly please help me in this -
I have been allotted a seat in allind r1 …i have taken admssn and opt for upgradation.
I have planned not to resign this seat before 3rd feb .
Now if i give such choices freshly for allind r2 …and get NO allottment.
It means my allind r1 seat got retained.
In thaf case can i seat for state r2 ??
Will i have to pay seat leaving penalty of 5lakhs or my 25k just gets forfeited??
Sir please clarify this doubt for me

No…u can’t sit for state 2 …ur R1 seat if not upgraded…and it got retained .u can’t resign from that seat and u wll be ineligible for further rounds of counselling be it state 2 or state mop up or aiq mop up.

Dere is no penalty thing in that u have to join that seat only which got retained again if not upgraded…u can’t resign from that seat

and if i want to resign? I cant right?

I mn that means i m out of the counsellng for this yr?

yes mam. Not upgraded ai R1 joined and continued seat scenario - as rightly mentioned by Krati Agrawal mam. Rule is this.

No in that case you have to resign in all India before 3rd February

If air1 seat not upgraded, you are out of all counselling with the r1 seat in your hand.

Only trick you can play if you are sure of going to state r2 in such case is keeping sure seats prior to your air1 seat while filling r2 choice, so that no one can stop upgradation