I have been allotted Tata memorial Mumbai for md anesthesia

I have been allotted Tata memorial Mumbai for md anesthesia… Mumbai because it’s my dream place…i belong from a simple middle class family. initially i was very excited …but now I’m scared because it’s a fast place, i am from uttar pradesh…how will people treat me there…i don’t have a good command on English while speaking, , i have never partied in fancy places or drink or smoke …but what if my co pgs or professors treat me like a village cow. My family is worried sending me over there… Initially i was happy now i am scared too… because it is a complete new city for me … i really need some guidance from you all .

Hey, im an outsider pursuing my residency in Mumbai. I must say its a welcoming city, and nobody really judges anyone easily. Your clinical accumen, confidence,hardwork and sincerity is all that will matter. So chin up, don’t miss the opportunity and all the best!

Environment of Maharashtra is much better than north indian colleges.