I have been meaning to write this for a long tym

I have been meaning to write this for a long tym. Please don’t opine if u cannot relate. No hate comments.
Is there someone else out there who got an average rank in neet in their first attempt. Mine is 6k. I have got branch of my choice in a decent enough govt college through round2.
Was not a topper or even close to top 30 in my mbbs days. Worked really hard fr 7-8 months in 2019.
But i got into it too much… and now it is difficult to get out ot this rat race.
Because somehow i don’t feel like i have achieved anything.
Could not study for mid years because of a rough break up and because i was exhausted looking into same books again. So that chance gone too. (& now looking at success stories from 40k in neet to 100 in aiims and all is bothering me a little).
I just want to ask you all that don’t you think this institute culture is too much hyped fr post graduation?
I was a happy person when i got into ug in a peripheral college. I did not care what college! I was just happy i got into mbbs. During mbbs too i did not care at all about grades.
But now for pg, just becuase i could not give that topper interview* or i don’t have a rank in hundreds good enough to get into delhi colleges, i have this empty feeling all the time that i could not achieve anything…
also, i have heard things lyk - -

5-6k toh sab ki aa jaati hai… So what?

Sharma ji ka beta got into aiims, pgi. Tum toh state college mein jaa re ho…

Peripheral college se kahan tak hi pahunch sakte ho fir tum? Har kisi ka apna calibre or dimaag hota hai… tumhara itna hi hai*****

Is there someone else sailing in the same boat who also feels that this coaching institute culture doesn’t let mid rankers feel validated enough. How to avoid this negativity?