I have been part of this group for a year trying to study how to heal eczema

I have been part of this group for a year trying to study how to heal eczema .My daughter was born without any skin issue but developed face acne when she was a month old and yes I did all those mistakes that we r told by the doctors ,…to apply steroids.Later her skin got dry and scratchy she was red on her folds of hand and legs and I was told she has atopic dermatitis.

To cut the story short my daughter is 10 now and I started her holistic treatment this April and first think that we did is stoped all those food that cause flare up . Gluten , dairy, sugar , food that contains preservatives chips and box juice all those thinks were a no . I followed dr Morris page and gave her all kinds of fruits most important melons . Kept her raw half day which is on fruits and then an early dinner without any gluten ,dairy,and sugar fresh home cooked meal and yes she is vegetarian.

Started her probiotics and also homeopathic

Clean her gut as that the major reason fir all these issue need to clean in there with enemas and or herbal medicine to clean their gut so in the start gave her triphala tablets to clean internally and then fresh fruit preferably melons along with probiotics .

Salt water dip no showers and no moisturizing as the skin doesn’t require any chemicals in and out I clean them internally they skin will b fine . Zinc cream I have used it when required

Homopath a good one or an Ayurweda will b the best option to help u with this journey ,their support to heal ur child or u or any one that’s suffering with this issue .

Plse do let me know if I can help u all in any ways I will answer all ur questions.