I have been preparing for pg since my 2nd year

Require 1 suggestion from seniors

I have been preparing for pg since my 2nd year. In internship also I only studied because of very light work

But still I got Rank of only 25000

Still I get very basic question wrong, some of question which I have studied I am not able to recall in exams

I am repeating same mistakes like for example I have revised hypothesis testing multiple time still I get it’s questions wrong

Another very basic PSM, GYNAE question wrong

Anyone other faced similar problem

How to improve

Should I drop or go will private seat

I myself want to give a second try with my best effort…

Please help seniors

Don’t mock, only honest opinions

With limited history u gave it seems that u were solving less questions…

U may be giving less number of mock tests especially Grand test…

U might not doing correct assessment of ur concepts and their application on wrong questions as u are practicing old questions, mock tests (subjective and grand test).

Repeated tests is the only solution…do write more n more tests and solve qbanks…only read the topics in the tests for that day and do take 30mins to one hour to recapitulate the topics you read today…you will feel overwhelmed but this is the key…you can get any rank with disciplined persistence.

If you doing wrong the same questions, then just start doing the wrong questions repeatedly. Like, when I was doing first time solving of mcqs I marked the answers which I got wrong. On my second revision of mcqs I solved only the questions which I did wrong previously. This reduces the needed time and increases efficacy. And definitely grand tests- more and more of it . If you are a fresher, give NEET one more try. You may end up with wonderful result with persistence

If u think this wasn’t ur best try and u can do better give another final attempt. But if this was best try and if u get the branch of ur choice u should opt it

If you are preparing for next year then try this

Update your notes first

Try to solve questions ( question bank , test series and old papers )

Revise the subjects regularly

Before final exam do grand test from any one app or institute consistently

Make sure you are giving quality time each day atleast 7-8 hours

Read the incomplete subjects / topics first and then revise other sub

Get your basics right first…then you won’t make same mistakes repeatedly in conceptual topics…

Better to drop as you are a fresher and give your best shot…solve qbanks after clearing the basic and conceptual parts of each subject…then practice the incorrect ones…bookmark them…revise during re-reading…

Give full tests once in 2 months…

U will succeed