I have been suffering from severe refractory depression

Non academic post…I have been suffering from severe refractory depression for the past one year on treatment…had severe symptoms was feeling suicidal…i asked help to who ever possible at that time because i cant see myself crying over for hours…so called everyone and asked for help when i develop symptoms because venting out emotions helped me…right now i m n a much better mental state than before still having symptoms…i thank ppl who helped me…but right now i can find the same ppl whom if i ask any doubts or even if i speak normally r making fun of me for my mental illness…which haunts me harder…asking u didn’t hv tablets today that’s y u r overthinking like this etc etc…how to get over this…how to get past ppl like this…ignoring s easier said than done…kindly help anyone…we live in a society which still stigamtises mental illness but show fake sympathy when someone dies…kindly help…also suggest some good online psychotherapist if i develop symptoms again…

Same happened with me.

Still struggling but not involving others now.

thank you for the long post…it shows ur kind Heart…our fraternity needs ppl like u… thank u so much