I have been working since last couple of years and joining pg ths session

Hello everyone

I have been working since last couple of years and joining pg ths session.

I belong to poor family and my mind is always occupied with thoughts how can I better my family conditions

We don’t have any house,car etc

Recently few months back we went to couple of banks to get some loan for my sister wedding but banks denied stating many reasons.

My life is filled with many such incidences.

I can feel my father shattering

I am an average student but working very hard and joining medicine residency ths year at govt college.

I am always worried about my parents,my future etc I want to make better every situation.

My mind is always pre occupied with many thoughts and I don’t have any friend to speak since I fear to tell anyone my condition and are afraid that someone might know my condition and seeing poverty and rejections since childhood I am a different person.

I have got social anxiety too I avoid people

Pls suggest me how should I proceed with life

Your each comment will only guide me

Sorry for being blunt but ask those parents how rich you are , who spent all their fortune on their mediocre kids so that they can reach where you are now. You achieved one of the most prestigious and sought after degree on your own but you don’t give yourself enough credit for that. It’s good to be humble but do remember if you don’t recognize your strengths nobody else will , infact people might use your modesty for their advantage . Respect yourself , be grateful to God that he gave you the potential to become who you are and never let anybody else define your worth. Finances can improve or deteriorate any time for anybody. It isn’t the measure of how rich you are. Your qualities are your real treasure, value this because few years from now you too will feel the same . There’s nothing in your life you should be sorry for. You have your family with you and almighty has given you the potential that is a dream for many. What else you can ask for ! Learn to appreciate your blessings and you’ll feel your richness. Best wishes for your residency!

You should be proud of coming this far. You will be able to have a good life for yourself and family.