I have full respect for traditional preparation system but this post is for people who always do things differently

•I have full respect for traditional preparation system but this post is for people who always do things differently. Some of u guys may know me as "Raf Sum". Aomine Daiki brother thank you for that support at last moment. I was freaked out 5 days before my exam as i got 261 in nbme 18. Do not get me wrong, i just read basic science portion of FA(except micro patho)& neuro+cardio from organ system . Basically 2/3 of FA pages i never opened. I actually dont care if you believe me or not, this guy told me- you will be fine brother , trust your Score". Masum Rahman vai also told me I WIll be fine , he was my mentor during whole prep. Then i took the test & got this. Now i realize why those who scored higher always said- This is not about how many times you revise FA . This is about you. How u see things , how u analyze thigs“

•Let me introduce myself, I am a 5th year student From Armed Forces Medical College, Bangladesh. I’ll simply write my resources & nbme scores & my opinion why i got this score. I started preparing by reading posts of people who got more than 260.My target was around that . I bought all books used by them & studied…
9 month, dedicated period- 6/7 month
Kaplan videos(except micro,patho)
Uworld offline followed by online during last month( i did 10 block a day to build my stamina.Didnt bother to take notes anywhere from uworld. Just wrote the page number of offline uworld which i got wrong or didnt knew before & revised them during last month of prep. This was a lifesaver)

•Pathoma(video 1 times+ book 3 times, this is an amazing book. If u’re from subcontinent like me, Dr hussain sattar will make your life so much betterStart prep with one & u’ll have more confidence during rest of the prep)

•First Aid- 1 time(Just basic science portion except micro patho, Neurology,cardiology)

•Brs- physio,behavioral science,gross anatomy
High yield -cell biology,neuroanatomy,gross anatomy
Anatomy shelf note
Uw biostat review
100 cases of ethics
Cardiology notes made by a guy from group,i loved that note( he compiled uw+FA)

•Qbank :

Pastest Usmle
Usmle rx
Kaplan qbank
•Most important resource : ANKIDROID ( BROSENCEPHALON DECK)

•NBME score :
Nbme 1- 176( out 280,offline,December 22)
Nbme 12- 239 ( offline april 25)
Nbme 16-244 ( Online, may 25)
NBME 18 - 260 (Online, june 21)
other nbme’a were around 250,cant remember exactly

•Real deal : 255

•Suggestion :
Always study in your own pace. I cant follow routine . Someday studied for 16/17 hours , someday 1/2 hours. But i made sure to study every single day

•Whenever u got a question during reading, first search in the group using a keyword. Remember, a lot of people passed this exam, they had same questions. You never know what amazing information u will find there .Keep digging until you are satisfied

•Don’t rush, i think i got less than my NBME because of that,i still had 33 minutes break time when i left prometric

•Best of luck everyone