I have joined PG this year, but I am not happy with the branch I took

Please help me out. I have joined PG this year, but I am not happy with the branch I took. I chose college over branch and am regretting it now. I am unable to adjust. It no doubt is a wonderful branch but I am not being able to like it. I really wish to resign. But need around 11 lakhs for the penalty. Can anyone suggest any way to avail a loan to pay this amount off? I want to just prepare till neet and then begin working again. I had gotten 98% ile last neet, and without any preparation this time had gotten an inicet rank of 4000s, so I am confident that I can get a rank where I can take even a dnb seat of my favorite branch. Please don’t say that I need to give more time. I have given enough. And please don’t make fun. I am in a very delicate state of mind and in a state of extreme stress. Thank you.

Edit: Many people are asking what branch I took. It is anaesthesiology. I wanted medicine and was getting dnb medicine in a good hospital, but didn’t take it. I wish I had. Now i just feel like taking the exam and taking whatever seat i get, even if it is dnb
Dnt left it… complete ur md & do super speciality in critical care medicine…it wl take time bt u wl gt adjust…i m giving my opinion thinking ur penalty amount also…if u thnk u cn manage money & hv confident thn u cn left the branch & prepare fr neet