I have just joined pg it's not even 2 months and it's like torture

I have just joined pg it’s not even 2 months and it’s like torture .My unit seniors and Co pgs both are very toxic .I have been working but still they blame me.the dept is obgyn. This is taking a heavy toll on my mental health.i have never posted anything online but I need to share this. Also I’m ashamed to say that this is my UG college. Never expected obgyn but due to negative shift I am stuck here.

remember it is same everywhere; so you need to adjust to this beta; and when you become a senior just dont be like them; change will come slowly but we have to be the initiator of change…

Happens to all in starting…after 6 months everything will be fine …dint give up

Don’t react to anything …just tolerate until unless it’s physical…have smile in face …and moveon…time flies very fast

If it’s ur college…if it’s onur mental health

Tolerate for a little more…its just a matter of 1 yr