I have never done job since I left internship it's been 2 years

I have never done job since I left internship it’s been 2 years, now I feel like joining hospital but I have not been into practice and in internship haven’t learnt much now I am feeling like joining but I am worried as medical officer job is risky

Is there any other job?

Not risky at all…just buy a general practice book & start

which one can you tell the name?

Join a medical college where you have fellow Jr’s and para meds …they help to brush up your skills then join any hospital

Medical officer job is good n comes with good responsibility go for it

Keep your perseverance going. Do your pg first. Don’t fall into MO traps.

Give neet pg. Give UPSC CMS.

Same here, not at all confident regarding practical knowledge. But I feel once we join hospital we ll learn everything within one month