I have passed AMC MCQ exam

I have passed AMC MCQ exam.I started my journey from Shahriar Medical Academy.Shahriar Ahmed Sujoyis not only a nice mentors but also a very good Person. He always takes care of all students n I feel lucky that I was able to meet this type of nice mentors who helped me so much to pass this exam.then I want to thank my beloved wife Pryanka Datta Debnath because without her I didn’t think to appear this type of exam.she always takes care in full journey like a shade n I also want to thank my mom.this two persons (my wife and my mom) continuously helped me.then I want to thank one of my best friends and reading partner Drveronica Sharma what can I say about her?her contribution to pass this exam can not be expressed in words.she is a very good doctor and continuously supported me what to read n how to read.i am so lucky that I was able to study with her.next I want to thank my previous reading partner Debasish Debnath I said previous reading partner because he passed the exam before then I started reading with @drveronica sharma.debasish dada also helped me so much.i also want to thank @smita Gupta(Doc Abhi).she silently helped me so much.i want to thank AMC exam because for this exam I was able to know so good doctors.i think life is so beautiful and the world is so wonderful for this type of people who remain in the world like (Shahriar Ahmed Sma, @drveronica,@dr.smita [email protected] Debnath)iwant to thank Tonmoy Dhar and Mansurul Islam Fuad for their nice explanation in recall discussion .it also helped me so much in exam.some advice:
If you want to follow any mentors you can join in @shahriar medical academy because he is very good person and the best mentors (from my sight)then you can start JM.but only reading jm will not build up concept.just read the topic from jm then for medicine I think Davidson is a very good book because I read about whole davidson.if you are unable to read whole Davidson just read the jm related portion and also must read Master of the board.i found many tricky question from Davidson.just believe me in exam hall it was easy for me to answer medicine related questions.then I will suggest you to read rch guidelines for paediatric n some portion from Kaplan USMLE.i read about whole Kaplan (not needed) because only JM is not enough. for psychiatry must read kaplan.i read it 3times n handbook is mandatory.if possible try to read it 3times if not possible read it at least 2times n try to revise it before exam it will be helpful.n everyone must solve recalls with explanation.without solving recalls it will be difficult to pass the exam.i solved 3year recalls and found many recalls in exam but they will not give it directly.they will give it in paraphrase.thanks all