I have the following situation, please guide me

I have the following situation, please guide me.
1.I have recently applied for st3 training round 2 and got short listed for Nephrology interview, which will be on 20/9/19.
2.I also has job offer in hand at st3 level general medicine at luton and Dunstable Hospital with gross salary of 62 k(in keeping with my 8 years experience +1 yr internship).
3.An interview offer from University Hospital of coventry and warwichshire at junior clinical fellow level, Rotational post with basic salary range of 37k-49 k.
4.GMC ID check scheduled on 24 September and applied for urgent visit visa.
5.My husband will appear in paces exam from Qatar center in December 2019.
6.I never worked in NHS before.
I just want to ask what is the best option for me?

i.join luton Hospital at st3 level and re schedule my GMC ID check accordingly.
ii. Wait for JCF interview at coventry Hospital.
iii. Wait for st3 interview and start my NHS career at this level, as changing jobs will be costly, and I have an autistic kid as well.
iv. If I started earlier how will my husband prepare and appear in his paces exam, which need constant hospital visits to see patients and Qatar travel as well (we have visa on arrival facility from Pakistan).

I would be grateful for sincere guidance of this group.
Thank you