I have to study for neet pg 2023

I have to study for neet pg 2023

Pros and cons

Pros: your dream will be yours and even if you do not do anything you will live for entire life with a satisfaction.

Cons: kya kahenge log

Pros: u will get a seat u deserve.


1exam pattern may change on 2023 (dont know).

2.dont know if scam happens in exam again like 2 recent exams when u wont get your actual marks.

  1. u have to study hard + no earning money meanwhile.

Pros : You might get a seat.

Cons : You might not get a seat.

If you get a seat as per your wish then a feeling of euphoria then a long depression , if not get a good seat then continuation of the state of depression

Pros- u might get the life u want

Cons- u might gain extra weight…

Join surgery residency,you will be fit like never before.

Garvvit Singh Nagvnshi i think Zoro has asked about pros n cons for the preparation

Pro - U can get a PG seat
Cons - U may not get any PG seat

Cons is u wont have answer sheet and answer key…

Pros: You’ll end up with a life that you deserve.

Cons: 7 months of anxiety/exam fright/sacrifice /home bound life

for that one needs to stay the heck away from twitter. It is a grave error that I did this year and I’d ask 2023 aspirants to refrain from doing that.