I hope the medical students and maybe the doctors we have here can help me with my illness

I hope the medical students and maybe the doctors we have here can help me with my illness

Last month I discovered my lower abdomen right side swell

I visited a pharmacist she told me it was just my body reacting to late period

And then days later I menstruated still my lower abdomen remained swell

Then I started experiencing some symptoms

  • if I miss food, my tummy will start heating up, the swell becomes really painful, I start feeling dizzy, headache isn’t an exception and I feel very very weak

  • sometimes I feel pain in my lower abdomen while trying to push poop out

  • the swell also becomes really painful if I wear tight fitting clothes

  • and since 2 nights ago I’ve been having difficulties in sleeping

And I also tried other pharmacist they gave me drugs but it is still the same

Please what kind of illness is this and how can I cure it

Go for Lower abdominal scan to confirm the date please

USG whole abdomen, it can be cecum, appendix or uterine problem… it can be life threatening… agr bina doctor se concern kre medicine lete rhe to jyda time ni rhega apke pas… human body koi mzak nahi h… a single cell mutations can leads to cancer here…

Its internal heat not external… must be there some bacterial infections which produces methane which feels warm there… and there are so many explanation but USG will confirm everything

Which drugs was pharmacist given to you?

Go for


Urine analysis

Stool analysis

H.pylori serum

Pelvic abdominal ultrasound.

And see your nearest physicians

USG whole abdomen., CBC, basic profile , Urine r/m

Provisionally it can be diagnose as a form PID, choleisthiasis, etc

Immidiate consultation is needed rather than purchasing medicene from medical store.

You cant have such serious problem and your home on your phone wasting time typing posts on facebook that you need help go to the hospital and they do a proper check up many things might be going wrong in your abdomen

It may be due to minute liver problem or inflammation or enlargement of liver or Gall bladder stone.check the digestive system problem and take history…