I hope you all are very well and safe

I hope you all are very well and safe

I have applied to many SHO and FY2 jobs but I didn’t get any interview. Two weeks ago I randomly applied for a senior clinical fellow (chelsea and Westminster hospital) job and yesterday I got an interview invitation, I am very surprised.

I have 8 years of experience outside the UK and MSc from a UK university. However the last 5 years of my experience was in primary healthcare level.

The recruitment team messaged me again this evening asking to confirm the invitation. I am a bit confused and I need your help on that regard

Shall I accept the interview and if I get accepted for the job take it? ( I know many of you are advising against that I saw reviews from previous posts on the same regard)

Shall I withdraw my application and decline the interview?

Or shall I ask to be interviewed for SHO level instead? ( if that is at all possible? )

I wonder if anyone here faced the same thing?

Any other suggestions?

Your advices and suggestions are highly appreciated