I intend to start a quarterly magazine for MBBS

I intend to start a quarterly magazine for MBBS, Dental and Nursing students. The magazine issues will be circulation from next year. I know many of you are quite capable of penning down your thoughts and views. I invite you to send articles/viewpoints for publication in the magazine. The articles will be reviewed and those found suitable will be published in the online magazine. There are no publication charges and the article selected will be published along with photograph and affiliation of student. The suggested topics are provide. You can also suggest new topic, but it should be of interest to MBBS, Dental and nursing students. Articles for first issue are invited from MBBS, Dental and Nursing students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) studying in India and abroad. Kindly E mail your article at: [email protected]


Article length-1500-3000words Microsoft word file. Any images kindly click photo of image drawing and send it as JPEG attachment. Please do not send images directly from internet(copyright issue). You can select image from internet, draw it in black and white and send the image/images by clicking a high-resolution photograph from your mobile.You can send photos of yourself and friends if they suit the article.

The suggested topics are:

Strong student leaders need of the hour in medical/dental colleges

Crazy stuff I did with my roommates and hostelmates.

Life of a medico before Exams

How I managed to get into the hostel after entry deadline

Why my campus is the best

My unfulfilled deams after joining the medical course

If I was Principal for a day

How google controls my life

Creative ways to defeat China in a war like scenario

Expectations of a student from college before joining and then the reality

Differences in school and college life

Expectations after completing the degree

How to deal with peer pressure in medical/dental school

Those lighter moments during my academic odyssey

The campus life rocks

Types of students in Medical/dental school and how to deal with them

Strategies to deal with the stress of the academic curriculum

Why dating a medical/dental student is a smart idea

How cultural events reboot us to for the challenges ahead

My trip memories with my batchmates

A match made in medical/dental school

Why doctors marry doctors: Exploring medical marriages

Memories of our freshers’ party

Fitness freaks in medical school

Do budding doctors ignore their diet.The scenario and the solutions

The best medical pickup lines

Some doctors get away with everything because they are good actors

Social media ethics a medical/dental student should be aware of

Can medical students help society while studying

Extracurricular activities and their significance in med school

The advantages of being a singer ,palm reader, artist and exquisite dancer in medical school

Hostel friendships last a lifetime

My explainable experiences in hostel

When your best friend is good in academics

When your crush is good in academics

How an average student can improve with time in med school to be a winner

The evolution of a medical student

Managing expenses in medical/dental school

A comprehensive guide to save money in medical school

Managing the bully seniors

Senirs-pros and cons

How I cultivated and nourished my hobby in medical school

Adjusting with local GUARDIANS-An experts viewpoint

My first visit to the girls hostel

The ocean where we sipped together-My retrospective gratitude

The legends of my medical college-An article with humor and no personal feelings

The pitfalls in our academic curriculum-An undergraduates perspective

The bindass personalities I admired in my medical/dental school

How I overcame odds to join the medical/dental school

Sitting and studying.My hacks to lift my tempo

My favorite subject in first year MBVBS/BDS

Things I would change If I could in first professional

Topics for postgrads

Is there really any proper medical research going on in India? Or its just limited to certain apex institutes?

Should woman be the sole decision maker in MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy)?

Is Euthanasia justified?

Constant health monitoring: Does more harm than good.

Difference in perspective of undergraduate and post graduate student

The boss is always right

My speciality-I disliked it initially and then realized I was wrong

Dr Gaurav Agnihotri

Dept of Anatomy

Government Medical College,Punjab,India

Editor in Chief Buzz Desire

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