I intend to write a series of posts aiming to help doctors moving to the UK

I intend to write a series of posts aiming to help doctors moving to the UK with their families and for working mothers in the NHS

I hope they would be helpful to all the newcomers

1)VISA Tips for Families:

After receiving the COS , You can apply for visa for yourself and your dependants

Who are your dependants ?
Your partner ( husband/ wife ) and your children less than 18 years old
Your parents and siblings can not be dependants

Can you apply for a visa for your children only without your partner ?
Most probably your children’s visa will be rejected , even with a letter of consent from the other parent

What is the letter of Consent ?
a letter confirming that both parents approve their children’s travel to the UK , There is no specific format but ideally it should include the children’s name . signed and dated by both parents

Can you apply for a visit visa for your dependants instead of TIER 2/TIER5 ?
You can but most probably it will get rejected unfortunately. it is perceived as if you are trying to avoid the IHS surcharges and the regular visa costs

when do i apply for the visa for my dependants ?
There are usually 3 options
1_ you apply for yourself and your dependants together and travel together
2_ applying together but your families will travel later
3_ applying for yourself in the beginning and then for your family later on

Which one is better ?
That is a very personal choice .Though it seems ideal to travel alone in the beginning, that might not be suitable for lots of ppl

NB : Once you and your dependants receive the visa , you will have a time period to travel to the UK to receive your BRP
( it was 30 days when applied from Egypt )

Can I receive the BRP for my partner and Children?
No , they have to receive it themselves

What if they Can not receive it on time ?
There can be a fine of 1000 GBP