I joined one of the trusts around 7 months ago

I joined one of the trusts around 7 months ago and they gave me incentives around 2500 pounds after joining.

When I prepared myself to search for another job as my contract will be ending , the HR told me that I have to pay back all the incentives that they gave me as you r leaving before the end of your contract! As we gave u the incentive to stay till the end of the contract.

Before accepting the job no one mentioned that to me , they just said we will give u incentive.

Is it true that I have to pay back the 2500 ?

I could not find any sentence in the contract that says so!

Is there any legal obligation for me to do that ?!

Is it really something that should be done ?

Has anyone been through a same situation before?

Go through all the ten or twenty forms that a new starter has to sign: it’s in the fine print somewhere. Why didn’t you clarify before you accepted the incentive?

You should pay it back. Else, just stay until the end of your contract.