I just saw someone asking obt toxic dept and toxic collages

I just saw someone asking obt toxic dept and toxic collages ! Well I can’t help u with dat ! But I can add few points regarding this , follow these if ur stuck with such ppl

  1. be polite and humble with ur professors , seniors and patients . You are here to learn focus on dat
    2)you just can’t complete ur work in post graduation , no mater how much u try every completed work is always incomplete wen someone reviews it . So don’t worry it’s common everyone does the same
  2. if ur higher authority gets mad on you , just smile and move on coz no matter how much u try, u can’t convince everyone ,der will always be someone who hates u .
  3. focus on learning , don’t try to please anyone , ur work satisfaction is more important ,der will be times wen ppl accuse u of not working hard , just smile coz u know wat ur !
  4. follow ur medical ethics ,don’t break it to please someone superior to you , trust me it will be a trap!
  5. No matter how worse it gets ,No matter how worse u feel tell this to yourself “this too shall pass”
  6. Talk to ur friends or family when u think ur unable to handle the situation , Never ever think of anything stupid!
  7. work to ur max limits ! Give ur max effort ! Try helping ur patients , and never even bother obt anyone’s comments on ur work ! Like I said if u hear anything bad just smile and move on
  8. And the important of them all, wen u complete ur first year “DONT BE THAT SENIOR WHOM YOU CONSIDERED TOXIC”
  9. if ur co worker is facing trouble ,don’t wait till it happens to you , unity is strength ! It’s always right to eradicate psychos from this noble profession ! Act accordingly
    I hav lost my senior for the same reason ! We can’t bring him back , but wat we can do is help thos ppl who think of something stupid
    Remember one thing “LIFE OVER ANYTHING”