I just spoke with my surgeon and he thinks the reason for my graft failure

You guys. I just spoke with my surgeon and he thinks the reason for my graft failure is a issue with my tibial slope being too great. He thinks if this is my issue, even if he did a revision, it’d fail again. Something to fix this is called a tibial osteotomy, which involves sawing into my bone, taking a portion out and resetting it. He repeatedly stressed the risks and seriousness of performing a surgery of this kind. So: have any of you had this issue? Anyone actually have an osteotomy? How was recovery, pain I would imagine is significantly worse than a typical ACLr.

2 weeks of significant pain PO. Many drugs and you definitely need someone to get the drug timing right. You shouldn’t do it yourself. 6-8 weeks with no weight bearing. 6.5 months before they will even think about doing ACL reconstruction after HTO. You may want to ask them if they can do acl at same time as HTO as I have read scientific studies of this being done. After my HTO, I have noticed significant improvement in stability and the need for acl may not be needed afterwards depending on your activities.

Hello! I had a high tibial osteotomy last week where they changed my tibial slope and straighten my leg, not because my acl failed (luckily). They did it because my leg went too far back and too the side and my knee had collapsed in on itself and my bones were rubbing 🥴 so they did it to stop my arthritis getting worse (I’m 24). It is more painful than acl but it’s doable. There’s a fb page called HTO warriors (something like that) where you can ask specific questions