I just visited the postponement telegram group

I just visited the postponement telegram group. It felt like an OBG department for the few minutes I was there. 😛

No offense meant, whatsoever.

Giving rape threat to someone is the most disgusting thing anyone could do.

Whatever we fight or be against

We should be united to fight these kind of people.

absolutely with you on that. We shouldn’t normalise it. My words were on a lighter note though

Doing pv is a funny thing

for Suhaib Bhat ??

Is he a doctor ?

This type of person gives rape threats…why u deleted ??

Anti postponement group are giving rape threats to postponement group. What day it has come to. Doctors against doctors

A heads up I am not in postponement favour either. But making fun of your female Colleagues getting rape threats and speaking like that about PV you guys are doctors for real?

Also Anita wow voh bolte hai na aurat aurat ki sabse baadi dushman hoti hai you look like a live example of it. 🙂 (We are not in OBG opd at the moment.)

Any update regarding the actual meeting that matters though?

Alright look guys, whatever that guy did was not at all right. No questions about that.

But one should also understand the fact that when you are against the tide, there will be anti-currents hitting you on your face. Just like this guy. You need to learn to face it, by keeping calm and handling it calmly and appropriately. Overreacting to it, will only cause panic and you’d be breathing water. We don’t want that now, do we?

So what I meant was basically to handle it appropriately, rather than over reacting to it.

Hence was my reference to OBG department.

Now I don’t want the comments section to be another OBG department, so I’m closing the comments, sorry!

May the force be with you.