I left my job about a month ago it study for neet pg

I left my job about a month ago it study for neet pg…bt i have not been studying anything (just watched 2 hr videos in this time)…

What do I do??

Now I think it’s not possible to get any descent rank…

N i am 27 so this is my last chance.

I am in the same situation

I just finished one subject… I have decided to try next year

But there is still time, u can still try ur best to continue watching the remaining videos OR u can try giving revision videos a go OR u can try next year

Change your environment.

Get out of your home/comfort zone. At home your mum will definitely disturb you by asking to bring Dhaniya, mirchi.

Join a library which has other PG aspirants. You need a competitive environment.

Worked for me.

I could barely study for 4 hrs, when i was at home.

Whereas once i moved out and joined library, I used tp study for qn average of 8-10 hrs

I think i have already told you this in a previous answer