I love general medicine but I have been a average MBBS student

I love general medicine but I have been a average MBBS student.

All people discourage me to pursue PG in General medicine by saying that it’s for people who are toppers and who have been best in academics all through their life.

How much true is it?

Bhaiya, mbbs level pe kisiko kuch nahi aata hai, sab PG me hi expert bante hai…

If you are ready to learn and put efforts , then anything is possible…

Dont listen to anyone… Everyone is different

don’t listen …pursue MD and be helpful to students like us who r always avg & still dream high

Y are taking lessons from people who are themselves learning…

Avoid them… Choose a subject which u like…

Don’t decide by people…

I too anaesthesia leaving surgery ,gynae…

Becoz I wanted to…

So be confident and decide urself first.

Make sure wotever subject u choose… u love it ( after geeti g in there) it willbe ur 1 st wife for life.

ollow your heart bro. You need to satisfy your innerself than others. Even if you take your favorite General Medicine topping the exams, ppl are gonna comment on it

Dude. Accept yourself.

Something people dont tell you about gaining confidence is that its not faking it til you make it, its faking it until you’re comfortable with it and then actually self improving so that you can have true confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Do yourself a favor and cut toxic people out of your life.

You can achieve anything u want, its just a matter of believe.

My brother

Eagle is king of bird kingdom due to its attitude .

Lion is king not the elephant also due to attitude .

Those who told u never stay with them as they are negative attitude.

You study daily ,work hard and most important exam is a one day match u have to know strategy to Crack Exam.

Study the pattern of questions in exam first .

Then u will get an idea high yield topics in each subject .

Read the topics.

Be clear in concepts .

As indian exam pg follows Harrison Robbins like this so don’t read the answer from what they r not following .

Suppose Mrcp exam follow Nice guidelines u have to read that u can’t Crack by reading Harrison…

So don’t listen just give your best and proof u can .

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