I’m 33 and have 4 children

Hoping someone on this page can help …
I’m 33 and have 4 children. I have always had regular periods and it’s been easy for me to fall pregnant. I’ve also always got ovulation pain every month. It gets really bad where all I can do is sit/lay still as moving makes it worse. I have seen a gyno who did a hysteroscopy and found that I have a Unicornuate uterus, only one ovary and one Fallopian tube all on the right side. She took some washings of my Fallopian tube as it was abnormal but nothing came back. I also only have one kidney, also on the right side, which I knew before hand. All my pain is on the left.
I wanted a hysterectomy but the gyno refused saying I’m too high risk with my kidney. I’ve tried numerous pills and marinas but nothing helps.

So my question is … can I get my ovary removed? Will this stop my periods and ovulation pain?

My hubby has had the snip as we are happy with our family.