I’m a comparatively oldie in the medical field

I’m a comparatively oldie in the medical field maybe since I was 09 batch and passed out in 2015. But seeings the posts here I’m absolutely amazed to see the views and perspectives of GenZ. Almost every other post is about money and how much I will earn and money and money again. Guys what is all this about? Did we step into this profession only for money? I guess then u are highly mistaken since there are many many fields in our country that can fetch u crores but the work is dead like sitting in front of PCs and stuff like that….

Don’t u guys feel we are in this field for our work, for our passion, we are the intellectual lot and nobody literally can do or experience stuff like we do! So y are we sooooo much worried at such an early stage about only and only money? This much we can be sure that we will earn atleast basic to fulfill our needs and wants. For everything that’s above we have to BE THE BEST IN OUR FIELD! That’s all…

That will happen if u follow your interest and passion. For that matter any branch will fetch u that if u decide to put an extraordinary effort in your field. And we all have that capability in us irrespective of our ranks or branches.

Guys there’s no harm in wanting money but to get into something ONLY and ONLY primarily for money will always keep us dissatisfied. Don’t u think?

No offence to anyone but please give this a thought so that we are more and more happy with our little little accomplishments and growth and not judge our lives simply on the basis of money.

All the best to all