I’m an IMG from Ghana, graduated 2016

Step 1 experience (257)

I’m an IMG from Ghana, graduated 2016.

Duration: 9months

Materials: FA (x3)
-uworld(x2):1st round 75%, 2nd- 85%
-Pathoma(videos once,textbook x2)
-Boards n beyond (x1)
AMBOSS free access : did about 700qs

Assessments:offline NBME
4,5,6,7,11,13,15,16,17,21,24:average wrongs-35

Online: UWAS1-254(1 month b4 exams)
NBME 18-244(1 week b4 exams)
UWAS2- 247 (1 week b4 exams)
Free 120- 85% (a day b4 exams)

Exams day(29/11/19):Did 4 blocks continuous with 1 min break btn 1-3 n 4 mins btn 3 n 4.Took 15 mins break and came for the last 3-blocks with 2 mins break interval.

-Believe in yourself n go for gold.Nobody can motivate you more than yourself.
-You will never be fully prepared
-It’s normal to feel anxious on the exams day. I will advice that if you able to overcome it in your 1st block, just continue with the blocks till you feel you are tired then u take a major break.
-Not all the things in FA are to be memorized. Try to understand the concepts. BnB n pathoma videos were very helpful to me.
-Spend your last month of preparation on FA. The last week on your weakness.
-See the assessment as a learning tool not a predictor. All the online test I did I realized a common mistake; not paying analyzing the questions well.
-The best predictor of your exams is the test day. I knew I have passed the moment I walked out of the room.Hence always commit your exams to God and He will see you through.

All the best to those preparing for it. It’s possible, you will get there.Thanks to those who shared their materials and informations on this page.