I’m confused between pedia and surgery

I’m confused between pedia and surgery

(Plz don’t comment ki jise surgery leni h wo born surgeon hota hai)

I love surgery as a subject but no OT exposure during internship

I also love kids and I always have pedia in my mind but now when it’s time to choose I’m confused af


May I ask why you had no OT exposure during internship?

Liking theory part of surgery or loving kids and having pediatrics in mind is no way of choosing a subject. Liking a subject in your mind is not same as being able to work and live with that subject.

Eg. I had such good Gynae Proffs that during my UG course I had almost made up my mind about taking up Gynae Obs. But the 2months of internship with gruelling duties in the ward, labour room and OT made me realize that gynae was definitely not for me.

Internship isiliye jaruri hai. U won’t understand ur area of interest unless u work in that field.

Now u r in a wind. Just flip a coin and decide what to take. Nothing else can help u.