I matched at Mayo Clinic in Arizona for a prelim year in General Surgery

I matched at Mayo Clinic in Arizona for a prelim year in General Surgery. I’ve read hundreds of narratives of people who matched or went unmatched. I know a few people who matched into both prelim and categorical General surgery and I’ll be organizing a zoom meeting with those people and help out those who are trying to get into gen surg. I think I and my friends who have matched will be happy to look at your PS and CVs. During the meeting we will be talking about how our interviews went, how to connect with more people so that they can vouch for you, how to ask for LORs etc. Kindly let me know if you’re interested in attending the meeting so that we can set up a date and time.

I request you to not DM me from hidden profiles, if you’re not confident about your identities we won’t entertain you. People interested in other specialties can also join if they wish to.

I also want to say that asking for other people’s credentials is the greatest conversation killer and will always go against you. There are million other interesting things to talk about, and at the end of the day you want to be an applicant who is interesting and can keep their patients and peers happy.



Edit- Guys, the response has been overwhelming, I’m trying to talk to other people and will post the link soon as another edit.