I never write such posts but I'm writing one today

I never write such posts but I’m writing one today. When I started my MBBS I felt like i was totally lost. I was a very average student from a middle class family. My only hope was because of my father who was a well respected ophthalmologist (even though not very rich).

I decided to take a break from studies & join one of the most premium Institutes in India for my internship in order to get a feel of all departments. However during that time I faced one of the biggest setbacks in my life when my dad passed away. He was the only person in my family & extended family combined who had any kind of connection to the medical field. I was totally devastated & shattered without knowing how to go ahead considering I’m an average & middle class student belonging to open category. I was neither happy with the way our country’s hospital industry functions nor did I want to be squeezed in the stupid system of our country & be a liability for my family.

One day one of my dads colleagues suggested me to think about MD pharmac. When I researched about it I was totally stunned with the prospects of the field as well as the growth scope in Pharmac in the sense that MD Pharmac from a premium institute & a metropolitan city is as good as MD Radio ( I’ll mention in my next post ). So after speaking to a lot of residents, MD pharmac graduates & people from the industry I decided that MD pharmac was totally my thing plus I totally loved the subject in my UG.

So after preparing for getting MD Pharmacology through NEET MD Pharmacology it is, from the same premium Institute where I joined for Internship. :blush:

Thankyou so much to my friends, faculty members & people from this group who helped me clear my doubts.

Also to the ones who think you get out of clinical practice when you join pharmac…let me tell you…that’s something which is just there in you mind. I have joined a doctors NGO… we conduct medical camps very frequently… provide free medical checkups to village & help in making villages self sufficient wrt healthcare… I can continue doing this throughout residency & life. My clinical practice will never be given up…instead I’ll use it to serve humanity

In my college routine pharma is 9 to 5 pm. Saturday half n sun off… apart from that they are rotated to various opd too

i too got MD PHARMAC…confused whthr to take or not…almost evryone is sayng…no scope…dont take