I passed MBBS in 2010 and got DNB in Anesthesia in 2013

Those who are really frustrated about the current scenario don’t give up hope.

It’s not the end of the world.

I passed MBBS in 2010 and got DNB in Anesthesia in 2013. But my seniors told me it was not wise to take Anesthesia and also DNB can’t be passed (Neither of them were Anesthetists. They were mostly surgeons and clinicians from other branches. ), hence I didn’t take it and instead joined in PGDCC a course in cardiology in BM Birla Heart Research Centre for 2 years.

But eventually after working in many hospitals and corporates I did my MD in Anesthesia in 2018-21.

So, altogether 8 years of my life was lost.

But what I have gained is this…

Medicine has a long learning curve.

A fast rank and a clinical degree doesn’t mean you will be happy or earn in lacs.

There are loads of specialists coming to the system every year and the competition is fierce.

After working in different fields I have come to understand that no degree can earn you peace of mind if you do not do ethical practice.

Yes, you can get a clincal seat but if there is one sincere MBBS in your area who does practice evidence based medicine and who is polite and available you can’t take away his patients no matter how many degrees you have.

If a doctor is not humane patients will leave him sooner or later.

Now, I respect a doctor and not his degree .Whether he has clinical or nonclinical degree or whether he has MBBS or MD does not matter.

I have seen MBBS performing better surgery in rural hospital than MCh in a Government Medical College.

The system is such that a MD or MS is glorified to the point that patient care is lost.

Someone mocked yesterday if a MBBS can ever know about indications and contraindications of Sacubitril/Valsartan - a drug that I used way back in 2014 and I was a still a MBBS then.

It’s ironic that people assume that no one can study journals and you need to be an MD to study a book.

It’s pathetic to see that crunching MCQ and recognising pattern and answering 300 MCQ in 3.5 hours will determine who is best in what.

It’s more pathetic to see that people forgetting that the basic medicine is learnt during MBBS and MD was not even needed except for research purpose.

More ironical is that all the researches done in MD is just sophisticated plagiarism.

Hence, fight to be a better doctor and don’t mourn for a degree.

Best of luck.