I passed MRCP (UK) part 1 exam on Jan 2019

My experienc for part 2
I passed MRCP (UK) part 1 exam on Jan 2019
And MRCP PART 2 on Oct 2019 diet

First of all I would like to thank my God then my Father,mother, wife and my colleagues study partner Mohammed Alabdali AlabdaliAlabdali Alabdali &Awnecoo Awni Awni& Hassan Sadiq Sadiq
unlike MRCP part 1,MRCP part 2 is a difficult exam indeed !!

, it requires only strong grip on moderate amount of information plus seeing a lot of patterns of questions.

You should focus on solving questions more than reading,

practicing a large pool of questions will give you more right answers on the real exam.

1-regarding the textbook:
Note and note of dr yousef or Step up to MRCP review is sufficient for quick revision and helping during solving questions

2-question banks
-pastest : is the cornerstone of your study, it will give you clear and fixed information, and a lot of scenarios like the real exam, solve it at least twice, if you u have no tine and u are going to solve only one question bank for part two then you have to choose pastest.

-passmedicine: hardest than pastest, excellent source for guidelines and pictures, for me it’s mandatory for part two, solve it only after pastest so you will be able to tolerate very difficult questions.

-pastpapers: Most important part before exam. contains various questions from different question banks not organized by systems, very similar to the exam style.
I recommend to solve it in the last month before the exam.

You can read the data interpretation section only if you have time.

3-regarding radiology and OSCE
I did from Dr Khalid collected book plus i was google important topic
25 % of questions of our exam was with media (ECG CT MRI DERMA PHOTO X RAY… etc)

N.B: don`t waste your times on reading silly things like echo, flow volume or audiometry! Usually not appears in the exams.

4-duration of the study: 3-6 months (according to your work circumstances)

5-general advises
-time management is the greatest challenge at the exam hall, never give a question more than two minutes
-don’t waste your precious time on reading textbooks.
-make your own notes while you’re studying.
-give yourself breaks.
-don’t study at the exam night.
-have a good night sleep before the exam.

Plz remember me in ur pray