I prepared everything..revised 6-7 times solved marrow q bank twice

Can u please help…i prepared everything…revised 6-7 times solved marrow q bank twice…gave regular Gts plus did unacademy some videos …but atill landed up at 37.5 k rank…this was my 2nd attempt…i am really scared to give another try…i am not getting anything…only cps Diploma…can anyone show me some path…i am in a very messed up situation…

Study even more hard than earlier…try to understand the concept first…give one more last attempt…

thank you so much sir for your reply…it means alot…

i used to get 130-140 correct consistently…

May be on the day of exam, u were stressed a lot…U should be in a compose mentis right from now till u finish your exam…and even later

if private is not an issue

take it and get out of race

or if want to prepare again

start soon

you must be lagging somewhere be it your content or understanding of application

see why are you getting questions incorrect

1st revision should be medium paced where you understand each and everything thing then keep on revising

subsequently decrease your revision time

for solving q bank try to rule out options

and do custom module

best of luck

If you think you still have some energy left, go for another attempt… Make it as if it’s your last attempt… I made it from 26k to 1.6k,you can do it too… If you want to settle then go for CPS diploma