I recently completed my PGship. I would like to say something regarding this

I recently completed my PGship. I would like to say something regarding this. During my mbbs days… whenever I used to see a frame of “gold medalist” at any opd I used to be in awe. Now after seeing how in reality a PG ship anyone tops an university only one thing comes to my mind - a geeky student who obeyed all the orders of professors and hod and made sure that they are showered with false praises. I had seen this with my batch, my seniors batch and my super seniors batch. The deserving one who actually did well during the exams never became the topper. Infact their theory and practical scores were manipulated so that the hod’s favourite got the highest. Our HOD infact had failed a PG just because of their personal rivalry even after them performing fairly at exam. This truth was known to entire department and yet no one opposed. Does this happen everywhere else or is it in our department only?

P.s no offence to the toppers. I just had to say what I observed here.

Hey, I was just going tro the feed and I happened to read this.

Meet me : I passed out MD in June 2022, from a central institute in pune, known for its discipline, everything was so in order.

And I was surprised to this happening right from my 1st year PG till the University exams and I discovered new aspects of their personality(giving priority,attention,speaking high of their alumni candidates first,come what may)which was strange. Everything was pre fixed, and manipulated accordingly.I wonder even now, why are civilians given seats in that college, if they humilate/treat us so cheap !?

Exams don’t matter in.PG.ship…your sincerity ,your hard work,impression and.bonding with HOD and other faculties will make you pass…Nobody can pass PG solely on merit…It’s rightly said,the degree is not earned but awarded to you