I recently received my COS and I needed some help with the following

Asking for a friend who doesn’t use facebook,

Hello everyone.

I recently received my COS and I needed some help with the following. I apologize in advance if some of the questions sound stupid.

  1. On the visa application, it asks where will you be staying in the UK? My hospital has promised me an accommodation AFTER I get my visa. So I do not have any accommodation details yet. Should I just enter the Hospital address?

  2. On the visa application it states, “Is your employment in a profession that requires an overseas criminal record check?” yes or no? (I already have a police check certificate)

  3. My trust has not mentioned H&C visa on my CoS. On Visa category just says “General”. Should I tick yes in visa application when they ask if I am eligible for H&C visa?

  4. My CoS has mentioned my start date as 21, October. What should I mention on visa when they ask “Date you plan to arrive in UK”?

  5. On visa application, “When they ask does anyone rely on you for financial support?” Do I mention my spouse again? They already asked the details of my spouse on the previous page as I mentioned my spouse will be going with me to UK.

  6. How much would be the visa fee in total including health surcharge for me and my spouse?

  7. What are the available biometric dates nowadays for VFS global Islamabad?

  8. Can someone who has recently gone to UK tell me about the quarantine rules? Whether you can do groceries etc?