I recently took my exam and I thought I'd answer some burning questions

I recently took my exam and I thought I’d answer some burning questions:
-What are the questions like? UW, Amboss or NBME.
In my opinion sources try to mimic the actual questions but the question style in the real test is somewhat unique. The closest representation of a majority of test questions is FREE 120. With that they throw in a percentage of NBME styled questions. For my test I felt like Amboss also did a pretty good job in trying to mimic real exam like questions (Not the whacky 5 hammers though).
-Is the exam more recall oriented or conceptual?
The exam is VERY VERY heavy on recall. My test was almost 75% straight recall. 20% required application of concepts to reach at a logical answer and there were distractors to sway you from right answers. 5% were absurd 4-5 tier questions with scientists doing weird stuff in labs and required a lot of thinking.
-Does FA cover anatomy?
NOT AT ALL. Shelf notes do a better job at covering up stuff but the exam has evolved and you will see stuff that is not in either of these sources.
-What sources to use for bio stats?
FA and UW cover everything beautifully and you don’t really need anything else.
NOTE: The exam is not evenly distributed like the distribution of contents will have you believe. You might see a lot of questions on the same topic or subject and might not see anything on an entire system. Try and focus on your weak subjects in the last days so you are prepared for the worst case scenario.
EDIT: I used the sentence, 75% exam was straight recall. The statement meant that 75% of the questions were just testing my ability to recall specific facts from the syllabus and not apply any concepts. IT DOESN’T MEAN SOME RECALL QUESTIONS ACQUIRED THROUGH SOURCES. Stop asking this in inbox and those trying to get higher scores through unfair means should be ashamed of themselves. You people shit on the hardwork of so many honest doctors.